Tuesday, December 21, 2010


嗒嗒嗒 嗒嗒嗒 嗒嗒嗒。。。
我要练好功夫,打快点 !!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Life

Resigned from Standard Chartered Bank...went Shanghai for holiday with family...
Started my new life in Ernst & Young since October 2010...
Felt very happy because is one of my dream company...unexpected to get this job actually..
EY is a big company...luckily i come here with sue ting and ker shin..
now i finally become an AUDITOR !!
jia you jia you ...keep life going ..
Work hard.. play harder ......
Earn more money.. !!
Shopping !! Buy house !! Buy car !! Go trip !! Overseas !!
i got alot of dream still pending ~~~


Sunday, August 29, 2010

~Last day in Standard Chartered ~

so fast.. today is my last day working in Standard Chartered Bank..
today is a good day for taking leave 30 aug 2010...but they stil come for me...thx thx..aligato...
worked here for 2 months.. i learned to do eCDD , made frenzz here...
i know im gonna to miss them..miss my desk n pc .. and the flexibility of working here...
hehe ..one thing had to be mentioned... sorry for the temasik thingy ... aiks...
my fault my fault... * guilty*...
my future plan will be ...erm..
rest for one month b4 i join ey..
will have a shanghai trip with family in sept..
starting on 1 oct, i will be working in earnst n young..
but have part time p5 class every saturday....
hope i can deal with my new life soon...
azaza fighting ~!

Al da best to my colleagues.. call me out for yam cha la~ especially sing k =p


Wednesday, July 28, 2010


haha..congratulations to sok yee~~
she won a consolation prize from standard chartered ..
it is a quiz about liverpool ..she was the first 20 who manage to answer all the questions n send the emal..
so lucky..she can shake hand with the CEO..
haha.. congratz!
the prize is a shoe bag..not bad right...


Thursday, July 22, 2010

google cute food..

wondering wat wil come out when u type cute food?
here u go ~~

HAVE a NICE day ~!!

offer from DELOITTE ~~

WEDNESDAY morning..not a very nice day for me..
wake up in the early morning..found out tat my house got no water supply...
luckily stil manage to bath using the small small water from tangki..
after i bath, found out tat the shirt i wanted to wear had not iron yet..urgh~~
reached monorail station..the escalator was not functioning...i had to exercise early in the morning..huh...y everything is not smooth..
suppose we planned to watch movie after work..inception...
but ~~
fully book !!
aiyo...plan cancelled...
after all the bad bad things...at last sth good happened to me..
deloitte called me n offer a job for me !! yea~~
job title is audit trainee..haha..better than nothing...
i felt so happy because my dream had cum true ~~
stil in the happy mood ~~


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

sue ting 探班。。

haha..ytd sue ting fetch me back from my working place..
so happy to meet her again...long time din chat n laugh out loud like last time during college..
summore she tabao snow flake for me from pavilion..so good !
but the portion is very big till i wanna go toilet..haha.......paiseh...
all the way was damn jam as wat had been expected..
n i really wan to go toilet but no petrol station..swt ~
haha at last i went to a restaurant..argh~!
well..i cant upload foto now...will upload at home =)